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commented on Davosa Limited Edition North Pole ยท

Absolutely, I'd be glad to assist.

Full disclosure: We proudly serve as the official distributor of Davosa Swiss watches in the USA.

The Davosa North Pole stands as a captivating collaboration between a Slovak designer and Davosa, resulting in an exclusive limited edition of only 500 pieces, most of which have already found their owners. Presently, within the US inventory, merely three units remain available.

Let's delve into the finer details of this remarkable model: Starting with its 42-millimeter satin-finished stainless steel case, it exudes an enchanting blend of classic charm and unassuming elegance. Noteworthy features include a scratch-resistant, domed sapphire crystal and a generously sized, easy-grip crown, both of which contribute to the watch's commanding presence.

Upon closer inspection, the watch's hands and substantial hour markers undoubtedly steal the spotlight, collectively crafting a contemporary aesthetic that retains a sense of understated sophistication. Delving into its intricate mechanics, the automatic drive powered by the DAV3021 movement seamlessly upholds the renowned Swiss quality associated with the SW 200-1 movement, guaranteeing reliability. Robust design elements, such as the secure screw-secured steel back and the double-sealed crown, instill a reassuring sense of durability, effectively safeguarding the timepiece against water intrusion down to a depth of 200 meters.

In summary, the DAVOSA North Pole leaves an indelible mark as a minimalist masterpiece that effortlessly harmonizes form and function, creating a truly enduring impression.