Those of you out there still liking your Zuludiver system. Little pricy so I鈥檓 hesitanting.

Never seen this before so had to go do some Google research, looks like a nice way to use a one piece strap!

Have you tried it with a perlon strap or just the elasticated ones in the pod set?

I haven鈥檛 got one yet, search Zuludiver in the search bar here, there鈥檚 a few posts. I鈥檓 looking for an update from them.

That's a nice watch/strap combo 馃憤

I keep looking at them but the bundles seem to have 2 straps I really want and the others I don't. If they'd make it so you could pick individual straps to make a bundle I'd be all over it.

Tried it, but it wasn't especially comfortable for me. YMMV

Have one, like it, found I didn't end up swapping as much as I'd thought I would once buckle is set.

I've also had to trim down the lengths a bit, too much excess but that's not really their fault.

It's an interesting take on the elastic idea. Some merit for sure.

As others have said, wish the bundle came with a choose your own.

I started to buy a buckle today with 10% discount and shipping it came to 65USD +. I just couldn鈥檛 pull the trigger on that much. Oh well.

Who makes the watch? Stunning dial. I enjoy the date at 6.


Who makes the watch? Stunning dial. I enjoy the date at 6.

Christopher Ward - Dune collection 馃憤馃憤馃槉