Just Placed a Order for this guy and I'm super Excited!

Found a pretty good deal on it pre-owned with minimal wear on Chrono24 and I bit the bullet! (283e shipping incl)

Loved this model since it came out and I don't own a GMT so I thought this would be a cool place to start and what better color than that eye popping orange!
I plan on doing a full review on this puppy as-well. After I get properly accommodated with it.

Wife didn't like the idea of yet another watch but ei.. you can't have'm all now can you 馃槀

Just wanted to share the excitement!

Oh, is there anything in particular I should look out for with this model?


Congrats! I鈥檝e had to exercise some serious self-control to keep from buying one of those. 馃槀

Ace watch, I'm sure you'll love your new purchase. Just tell her it's a limited edition and it's an investment 馃槈

Congrats and nothing really to look out for. 聽I have the black model and its been running almost COSC. 聽

For a watch with as high a production run as the Seiko GMT, I've seen no complaints of movement failures so far. 聽It seems as though Seiko has done a bang up job with the movement, making sure it's reliable.

I would buy this watch without hesitation. 聽You also got it at a good price. Enjoy.

Look what the cat dragged in