King Seiko

Just left my local Seiko AD after looking at the king seikos they had available. Although I think the case finish and bracelet are high quality, I feel $1700 may be a little ambitious considering the 6R31 movement and the room left for improvement on the dial finish (Outside of the limited edition 110th anniversary). I do appreciate the retro 70鈥檚 size in a new watch, and although this sets them apart from this style of watch, I think it could鈥檝e been achieved for less. Then again, I could just be cheap.

What do y鈥檃ll think?

I have to agree. For 1700 usd you can get better watches. The 6R31 has the same known issues the 6R35 has... i hope we get a true King Seiko reintroduction someday, with a true hi-beat movement...

I just can't escape the feeling that Seiko are cutting corners at most price points. It seems like there are always a few places they could have done better. I almost always feel their watches should have had a better movement and/or crystal. Yes, I get that plastic can be an aesthetic choice, but Seiko does it on tool watches, and they should know better. And then there are the issues with QC...

I was also kind of let down by the KS reissues, but the high end limited edition releases they did not too long ago with 6L movements like the SJE083 are pretty nice.

Ultimately though I decided to go vintage for my King Seiko fix. There are a ton of different options to choose from and they're still impressive watches by today's standards. I really enjoy wearing my 56KS from 1971.


for that money u get inhouse movement from germany like nomos orion/tangent/club...

A good one to pick up preowned and save some cabbage.

@Suddenly_Monday is absolutely right, get a vintage KS.

Half the price, double the pleasure 馃槀

I agree. The king Seiko, like the SPB143 are great watches鈥 if you can find them for less than retail and without QC issues.

Tried this on and loved it but couldn鈥檛 bring myself to pay over 拢1700 for it . Vintage options can be picked up for 拢500 in pretty good condition.