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SEAFantom ·

KING SEIKO, still a good a price value ?

I felt in love with the King Seiko SPB281 for 1700€ on , but still worry about the movement and the overall value on it. around 2000€...
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Mistermac ·

If only one watch…….

I have more watches than I would like to admit to owning but I always ask myself this. If they all had to which “one” would stay? Every time I ask mys...
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EricCigar55 ·

Seiko. Lord Marvel and King Seiko !

Good afternoon! Here for your viewing pleasure is my King Seiko and Lord Marvel collection. On one of the Lord Marvels I was able to put a display cas...
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Granddanois ·

Grand King Seiko

Please make a model called The Grand King Seiko..
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leatherngold ·

My Take on the Seiko Four Seasons

Since I don't think I'll spend the exorbitant money to own all four (five technically) of the 2019 GS Four Seasons releases, I came up with my own: my...
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wilfried ·

King Seiko SPB287/SDKS009

What are thoughts on the King Seiko? I tried it on, and I quite like it. And I want a red dial. It's currently available on Gnomon Watches for 30% off...
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insaner ·

Trying to find a dress-y watch under $1000

I am trying to find a white or cream-dial dressy watch for under $1000. (Pictures aren't taken by me.) I have boiled it down to the vintage King Seiko...
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eliamathias ·

Which King Seiko to get?

Hey Crunchers I need your help once more! I recently tried on one of the new King Seikos and am on the fence of getting one. However, I'm very uncerta...
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Mistermac ·

9 dollar Khaki NATO strap.

This new 9 dollar khaki nato Strap goes so good on my king Turtle and matches that second hand beautifully!! Just ordered another one for my 20mm watc...
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Nicolausaustinj ·

Choosing one of the two great pieces of history

I found this good deal where i can get either the omega constellation cal561 or the king seiko which are both at a very affordable price. Specificatio...
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