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6.69” / 17.00 cm Wrist
Structural inspector, Researcher (applied physics)
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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on WatchCrunch. My first watch was a gift from an uncle, a quartz Casio that I still cherish. However, my true fascination with...

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commented on Seiko Presage Star Bar ·

Great watch💪

Love the gradient colors on the dail🔥🥶

commented on Emanuel28's WRUW ·

Thanks, I have the 42mm version.

The watch is quite bulky but for an chronograph it is an excellent size in my opinion.

commented on Seiko 5 GMT SSK001K1 ·

Love the gray and black.

It’s funny that Rolex now also have an gray and black gmt…

commented on Tell me your watch journey origin story! ·

Oke soo,

My mother likes to wear a watch.

Years ago her then current watch just broke (something with the mechanism I don’t remember). To repair the watch was quite expensive. So my mother ask me to do some research so she (I) could buy her a new watch.

This research really triggered me to do even more research and buy my first mechanical watch.

I bought my mother a Seiko 5 (she was a chemical researcher so a durable sport watch was the best option)

I bought myself a Citizen Promaster.

commented on S.Blades's WRUW ·

Love the Pelagos.

commented on Chopard or IWC integrated watch, pick if same price used??? ·

As an engineer… the ingenieur

commented on Blue watches - let's see 'em! ·