Oris Propilot Big Crown Big Date

I am currently conflicted with regard to buying another watch. Namely this older Oris Propilot.

Does anyone have any experience with it ? What is the movement like in terms of reliability and getting serviced? Can anyone do it or does it need to go back to Oris for this.聽

Also they retail at around 1300 pounds , so would sub 1000 be considered a good deal on a new one?Advice is welcomed!!!!!

Should I pull the trigger before the stock is gone? Feels like I should 馃し


Well ok so no one has any advice or experience of this watch , which I took to mean that also no one thought that this was a bad idea . So I bought one , arrived today on a steel bracelet witch is nice but needs some better tool than my small collection to resize so I popped it on this Red and cream NATO from ZuluDiver.

I'm very happy with it and it really feels like me.馃憤馃憡馃榿

So thanks for all your help 馃槅

I thought I might be in for a bit of a bollocking from "her indoors" but to my astonishment she spotted the strap and complimented me on it. Was even more complimentary when she realised that it was a new watch. So that went better than expected 馃槀.

I feel like I probably shouldn't tell her that I ordered a new Sinn 556 too which will be here in June ish. 馃し馃榿

I came back to this post to see if anyone had provided advice. Congrats on the new watch! I look forward to seeing you post even photos (looks great on that red strap) and hopefully a review at some point. Looking forward to seeing your 556 too.

Thanks. I love this Oris so much it's one I have loved since first seeing it many years ago and has never left my mind really.聽

I the end it was meant to be.

I am the same way with the 556.


Nothing bad to say about they. Mines on a leather strap with the Oris seatbelt clasp. Love it. cheers

Yes It is a great unpretentious every day tool watch and I love mine. It's currently on the bracelet with the side push clasp, but I might put it on a rubber strap from Zuludiver.