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Have we lost all perspective

With my recent visit to London's Bond street, I had the pleasure of treading the floors of arguably some of the finest watch brands we are fortunate t...
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Jaeger-Le-Coultre Reverso DuoFace Calender

Popped into the JLC boutique on London Bond street yesterday and drawled over a couple of pieces. I was then nugged over to the Reverso's. Whilst I li...
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My New G shock Square

So. The story goes as follows. I have been looking for the 'Right for me' G shock for a while now. I'm an 80's child so I do get drawn to the older de...
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Mastiff commented on Jaeger-Le-Coultre Reverso DuoFace Calender

Your experience is same as mine. They were not pushy I didn't feel like they weretrying to push me Into to a purchase. The floor staff clearly knew about the brand bir more of the technical nerdy stuff we speak about. They had my respect purely in this alone. I see a JLC in my future collection for sure

Mastiff commented on Have we lost all perspective

Ok. in my mind, value of what you get for your coin. So whilst the likes of Rolex (as they tend to be the brand that is compared to as the stop gap) charge now 9 grand roughly for submariner, they are technically meant to be a tool watch. I like Rolex. I had 2, selling the Sub to put money in other pieces.

yet for the same money you can potentially walk away with a hand finished beauty which some would argue say are true watch make makers. I realise beauty is in the eye of the beholder but i surely cant be the one thinking this?

Mastiff commented on Jaeger-Le-Coultre Reverso DuoFace Calender

Beautiful piece my friend. I envy you!

Mastiff commented on Jaeger-Le-Coultre Reverso DuoFace Calender

Agreed. The other one I had on was a perpetual calender in gold, egg shell dial


I would love have both.

Mastiff commented on Jaeger-Le-Coultre Reverso DuoFace Calender

agreed. i would certainly look around for a good deal before pulling the trigger

Mastiff commented on Jaeger-Le-Coultre Reverso DuoFace Calender

No i expect the value to drop a fair bit. I feel this is a piece you buy with your heart rather than the worry of residuals. I do like the fact its a quality brand, the watch makers watchmaker and unlikely to be recognised outside of us watch nutters

Mastiff commented on What鈥檚 going to be your next watch and why

Excellent choice. As mentioned in a post i put regarding the new T50, prices have gone up across the board, unfortunately. Id say still worth the money. German robustness

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Sinn T50

Just seen the new T50 in the Sinn Diver range. A watch that for me suddenly screams to the top of my large want list. Two pro factors in this watch. T...
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Grand Seiko Bracelets

Morning Crunchers. Does anybody have hands on ownership with the GS Snowflake. I am looking to add one to my collection and I have tried one on many t...
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Starting them young!

With my boys ever growing interest in my shiney watches. I decided to get in early and start them on the potential watch illness path. So as a stockin...
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Muhle Glashutte SAR

Which SAR would you pick ? I realise this watch is a 'love it or hate it' piece but wondered which model the crowd would fall on
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Girard Perregaux

As a brand which I believe gets nowhere near enough attention. What do you guys make of this beauty? GP Cosmos. 拢 280,000 retail 馃槼馃槼馃槼 Clearly most of u...
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Popped into the Breitling boutique, London today and spotted this superocean 44 in Bronze. In the metal its a beaut. Brown dial white markers 馃槏 What d...
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TUTIMA Watches

Has anybody on WC have any experience or ownership views of the Tutima seven seas M2? I am seriously considering one of these as my first German watch...
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