Toledano and Chan B1

I love 70s era watch design. I think these guys nailed homage of Rolex King Midas without blatantly copying as most brands do today. I鈥檓 all for this stone dial trend coming back as well

I believe it releases this month


May 16:th


I think it鈥檚 super cool but 175 pieces at 4k each this is definitely a hype piece. I鈥檓 sure it鈥檒l sell out regardless.

So hard for me to own a watch without sweep seconds..I have to be obsessed with a piece for me to over look the active passage of time that a sweep second hand gives me....but thay said this is a very interesting we will see....

I love it

I love it but 2x too expensive and 2 years too late in my honest opinion.

The design is superb (Alfred Chan has done Brew and Hermes stuff after all), and I鈥檓 a big Phil fan.

175 is a decent amount of units to produce, and they will both have decent connections so unsure of why it鈥檚 $4k? Made in China with an SW100 is $2000 MAX imo. Then again, they both need to recoup their time investment which I have no doubt is valuable given their CVs.

Awesome watch regardless!

This watch has a classy look, an intriguing and well formed case shape and beautiful blue stone dial.

Oh, damn. Love the look, hate the price...