Cormac does it again! New novelties from 47zero...

So I popped YT on to eat my lunch...get some watch videos in before my next set of meetings. I always look forward to Caseback Tim's Monday and Friday video drops.

And what did I see releases from Cormac @Cormac of 47zero watches (great independent French brand.)

Cormac has just released four new novelties inspired by Art Deco design and Harry's Bar in Paris...


...and my favorite...the one I purchased...


Here's the write-up that describes the watches...

Le Boulevardier is the name of a cocktail invented in 1927 by Harry McElhone, owner of Harry's New York Bar in Paris. Essentially an Americanized version of the Negroni, the Boulevardier represents the wild abandon of the prohibition era with it's accent above all else on style.

It very much sums up how we feel about our latest creation so why not celebrate and join the party!

And here are the specs...


Case diameter: 39 mm

Height: 11.5 mm

Length: 47

Sapphire crystal

Screw down crown

Waterproof up to 100 meters

Swiss made STP 1-11 automatic movement

You can see Tim's excellent video here...


OMG it was you! Thanks so much Mel 🙌


Square peg in a round hole. That’s a really interesting design. Nice


I’m weirdly attracted ?! And I’m not a fan of Skelton dials but yet I’m drawn to it…

Love the small seconds and the hand set as well and off course the dial

just checked the website oh man I want the odd hours!! 🥰


Why is the Etachron regulator gone?


Looks very cool Mel. Digging the third one.


Very nice. Not my style yet, but I really like the beautiful design and the colors 😍


Congrats, Mel! Beautiful watch @Cormac