SOTC November 2022 Part# 5

My last watch box started as a place to dump watches I really didn't care enough about. Somehow it evolved into the box where some of my more often worn watches are kept.

I think that I didn't care about it because I don't like this style of boxes where the watches are kept horizontally flat because I can't look at them when I'm sitting in the study. However I found that the box can be brought to the desk near me and that's how it slowly became colonized with some of my better watches.


From left to right the watches are:

  1. Yema Superman steel & bronze, green dial: I got that one from the original Kickstarter campaign, so it's one of the numbered 1948 watches (mine is number 1652).
  2. Seiko SPB147: It's one of the best watches in the Prospex line with a great chocolate sunburst. I do have a lot of issues with it but they somehow disappear once I strap it on my wrist.
  3. Lorier Safari copper dial: It took so long for the pre-order to materialize that i honestly forgot about it. Now I think it's one of the better looking item in my collection and it's very comfortable to wear.
  4. Yema Superman bronze with charcoal dial and red sapphire bezel: It's probably the second best looking watch I own, edging past the SPB147 to a position just a bit under the Dietrich SD-1.
  5. San Martin SN021-G: The "absolutely not an Explorer" watch and it's very good three hand watch for everyday use.
  6. Nomos Ahoy "siren red": I'm not so sure about it being red but this is the only thing I'm undecided about it. Discovering how badly they depreciate in the second hand market made it a no brainer to get once I found a good seller.


If I were to break into to the Catskinner base in a Mission Impossible like attempt, this is the box I'd go for.

Really like all of them!


Nice selection of ‘under the radar‘ brands! Thanks for the tour. I’m awaiting a Yema now, good to see your two. 


Nice selection of ‘under the radar‘ brands! Thanks for the tour. I’m awaiting a Yema now, good to see your two. 

That's great, I own 3 watches from Yema and it's a brand that does thing a bit differently, which is why I like their models.