Getting frustrated with a G-Shock

The GM-S5600 is frustrating and didn't cooperate with me today. It's a G-Shock and it's square so in theory it should be close to perfect.

Except that it isn't. It's not even close. The high polished steel case attracts finger print smudges and scratches like a flypaper, the negative display is dim and murky, and the stiff plastic fantastic band makes it impossible to lay it flat. The frustration here is not caused by wearing it, but by getting myself frozen outside while trying to get a decent photo.

I have no illusions about my skills with a camera and my photos will never get to the level of those shown on professional product photographs, but is it too much to ask for one chance where I can show a legible screen and a smudge free case without having my face reflected all over or the watch tipping back on its side?  Apparently it is, at least for today's morning.

The GM-S5600 is fine as a watch and being the smallest true square G-Shock it wears well on my wrist and it's polished steel case makes it suitable to wear for any occasion I might attend - as long as I don't mind missing it or being late because I could not read the watch and be on time.

It's also the most challenging watch to photograph that I own and today the challenge proved too hard for me. I just took a last wrist shot and scampered back to the comfort and warmth of the study.