A white face in the sun

The meteo weather forecast didn't lie to me this time and this morning is both warm and sunny, which made it perfect to indulge outside with a cup of hot coffee, a book and the watch I'll be wearing today.

The Dan Henry 1962 Racing Chronograph isn't really from 1962 and I doubt if it was ever used to time a race. Furthermore, the Maserati engraved on its back is a prototype that, according to Wikipedia, never participated in a race during 1962. It's also kind of faking being a classic three registers chrono because it's powered by a VK63 meca-quartz movement and therefore the rightmost sub-dial is featuring the useless 24Hr indicator instead of something that might be useful for a chronograph. 

And so, the conclusion at this point is that the Dan Henry 1962 is a fake. But it's not really a fake because it does exactly what it was supposed to do: Be an affordable alternative for someone like me who wanted a vintage inspired 3 register chronograph, without the headaches usually associated with owning an actual vintage chrono.

And I like it's mostly white dial that is covered by a boxed glass crystal which manage to emulate the distortions from vintage acrylic. At this angle the photo even managed to convince me that I'm dealing with a domed acrylic crystal instead of a flat topped glass hat.

And yes, it is true that the UG inspired hands are not great for legibility and the 24hr register is still annoying as f*ck, but right now I'm sitting outside and I'm enjoying the pleasure of drinking a good cup of coffee while the sun is warming me and a good looking watch is strapped to my wrist. All things considered, it's a great way to start the day.