DW-5600 first impressions

Buttons are harder to press than my fancy square, band isn't as supple. Display is the tiniest bit fuzzier than the fancy square. It's louder than my gw-m5610 but only one alarm. Shows time while running functions! Only one time zone, i like knowing what time it is in Kathmandu sometime. I should mod this? Uuggghh this is so good. I bet if I had bought this watch for my first more than 20 buck watch I wouldn't be posting here, because I would've been like, "there that's the one watch I need."


That’s its strong point — the alarm is so much louder than the metal square.


Hi there Bzilla. 

Yep, agree with all you said. The DWs do seem to have a lower contrast on the displayed numbers and they seem fractionally thinner. Your GW-M5610 no doubt looks sharper and darker. 

The alarm and hourly tones are definitely louder on the DWs. I’ve noticed that if the watch has the more prestigious screw-back cover, then the sounds are softer. The better end casebacks clearly mute the alarm/hourly chime tones. 

The DW is a good simple digital though with most functions you’d want. Enjoy.