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A Casio Cheapie

Hello folks. Herewith a cheap Casio. Very basic, but I just like it. Possibly NOT a post for the main screen (hmmm, WRUW the better spot?), but just w...

Has this LCD had its time?

Hello folks. Is the LCD in the Citizen “Windsurfer” pictured on the right in the above photo, at the end of its life? A few weeks ago, I had a jewelle...

Watch Repair/Battery Replacement Kits

Hello folks. I am looking for a basic watch repair kit. I’d like to be able to change batteries in quartz watches and re-size bracelets and other basi...

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AnotherNick commented on shazerbot's WRUW ·

Fantastic example of a vintage digital! Congrats!

AnotherNick commented on gordoB's WRUW ·

Love it! Congratulations 🥳

AnotherNick commented on JeremyG's WRUW ·

Love the NASA square!

Ground control to Major Tom….

It’s one small step for man…

T minus 15 seconds. Guidance is internal….

AnotherNick commented on mathea's WRUW ·

The (almost) original and the best!

AnotherNick commented on New G Shock! ·

I think you might be right! Screw down case back (something we G-Shock fans seem to find ‘prestigious’), a square shape, an updated module….

May just be one of the best G-Shocks

AnotherNick commented on New G Shock! ·

Congratulations! It is an awesome G-Shock. And made in Japan. Win win!

AnotherNick commented on Mint vintage Frogman for a steal 🐸 ·

Congratulations! What a great find. I love the red a black colours AND it’s a Titanium one! Fantastic! So you can look at it, do you have the time?

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Do you wash or clean your watches between wears?

As the topic header says, do you? I have mainly Casio G-Shocks so it’s quite easy for me to clean these. My cleaning method is pretty simple - lukewarm water and a mild soap and I just use my fingers...
129 votes ·

Advice on an entry level automatic diver

Hello folks, What would be your recommendations for an automatic entry level 200 meters WR divers watch? Ideally, it must have a date indicator (I don...

Electro Luminescence (EL) or LED lighting. Does it matter?

Hello everyone, I’ve seen on the electric internet, that many people have strong opinions on the lighting style on a particular watch. I find this surprising. How often do you keep the light on? Surel...
39 votes ·

Negative display Casio G- Shocks - Personal thoughts might be helpful

In the pic, From L-R: TN-LCD, MIP, STN-LCD Hi all Being new to this site, I was looking through some older posts and found a post from Arijit about ne...

Shockbase - for all your G-Shock information

Hello folks, For those who didn’t know about this site, below is a site to assist you in becoming a G-Shock nerd! If there has already been a post abo...

A few Frogs in the sun (well shade..) in early December

Hello folks. A first posting for me. I’m a G-shock Frogman fan despite having a puny wrist… I think they are quite awesome!