Hello from NOVA!

Hello everyone!

I got into watches about five years ago. I’ve worn G Shocks since I was a kid, but five years ago I got an Apple Watch like everyone else and hated it. Shortly after I got a Sangin Instruments Atlas, my first mechanical watch, and I just loved it so much that I sold the Apple Watch and never looked back.

Since then I’ve mostly collected various watches which feature Snoopy on the dial, sadly no Snoopy Speedmaster lol. I added a Speedmaster FOIS and a BB58 a few years ago and most recently a SUF 180 and a Nomos Club Neomatik.

I’ve come to terms with my small wrists and just got rid of the B58 and will be doing the same with the FOIS soon. Looking at watches and learning more about them has occupied a huge part of my life the last few years. I’ve recently become a stay at home dad, so probably will have to settle for reading rather than collecting for a while. I’m looking forward to being a part of this awesome community!


I used to read Peanuts books while laying on the heater vent on the floor as a kid. How can one not love Snoopy?

I'm a stay-at-home cat dad. Welcome to the fold from central VA! 🍻


Welcome to WC!

Sounds like you have a solid base collection.

Enjoy the watches!



Welcome! More NOVA representation!


Sounds like you got a great collection already! welcome to the site!


Happy to have you on WC. Welcome