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Well this was unexpected

Stoppped by the local watch store a couple days with my wife just for fun. I said I wasn’t going to buy any watches for quite a while since I’m happy...

New strap for the Astra!

While I love the bracelet, I can’t believe how good this combination looks. I mostly wanted to post this in case anyone was wondering what the Astra l...

My first mechanical watch and changes in size over time

I’ve worn G Shocks since I was a kid but I was never really into watches. 6-7 years ago everyone I knew started wearing Apple Watches so I got one and...

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commented on Fit the watch to your clothes...right? ·

Oh yeah, I wanted a Tank super bad. Got it and remembered I’m a stay at home dad who will never have a “reason” to wear it. I wear it with absolutely anything just because I like it.

commented on New strap for the Astra! ·

Thanks! The strap is made by ColaReb and I got it from Holben’s. Here’s the link for it:

commented on Brazilianquickfingers's WRUW ·

Oh awesome! That’s certainly a much more capable watch than mine for daily wear, can’t go wrong with it I’m sure.

commented on Brazilianquickfingers's WRUW ·

It is now my favorite watch that I have! It’s extremely comfortable and, to me, goes with anything. My only complaint is the lack of micro adjustments or half links. When it’s warm it fits perfectly but if it’s cold it’s way too big, but that’s just me.

Are you looking at the large (new) Santos de Cartier? Most of what I’ve said might not apply since this one is 20+ years old, is 29mm, has basically no water resistance, and is quartz lol.

commented on Just a thought: Is watchcrunch the only true social media site left? ·

I just deleted all my social media today except this, so I totally agree with everything you said. This is the only social media that has been consistently positive and I even learn a lot from it, so all good!

commented on Wearing Colorful Watches ·

The Ahoi is such a nice watch! I’m always quite tempted by it but can’t justify having two watches of the same color and essentially same specs lol. Enjoy it!

commented on Wearing Colorful Watches ·

I wore this literally every day for almost two years. I was a police officer at the time and wore it in uniform, suits, casual attire. I know many people would find that wrong, but I wear the watch I will enjoy and I don’t care to match it with my clothing.


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Lorier Astra strap suggestions

Hi everyone, I am just so thoroughly happy with my Astra, I really love everything about it. I love the bracelet too, but I am eager to see what else...

Cartier Tank Must Small

I know when I was looking to get a Tank, I was looking everywhere for pictures of the small and large on people’s wrists. I am a man with tiny 6 inch...

Trying on watch at AD with steel bracelet- Dilemma

Hello everyone! I hope it’s okay that I post twice today with questions. I have 6 inch, very flat wrists and my wrist bone protrudes annoyingly far. A...

Casual 16mm Cartier Tank Must small strap?

I’m looking to purchase a small Tank Must soon and I plan to wear it casually, but I only know of Delugs as a maker of 16mm straps that are fairly cas...

Snoopy and More!

Since I’m new here, I just wanted to share my little collection. As you can see, I have a thing for Peanuts (Snoopy in particular) and I have since I...

Hello from NOVA!

Hello everyone! I got into watches about five years ago. I’ve worn G Shocks since I was a kid, but five years ago I got an Apple Watch like everyone e...