Roll on, Columbia, roll on

(Apologies to Woody Guthrie.)

A little while ago @hakki501 detailed his restoration of his old Columbia. Last weekend I was cleaning out a drawer and found this. I had completely forgotten that I ever owned it. I remembered its old NASA velcro strap. 聽It was my yard work beater ten years ago.

So, on to a new silicone strap (not entirely pleased with the color) and a new battery and we have another weekend beater. The lume is surprisingly good and it has some sort of imitation Indiglo.

Have you ever forgotten that you owned a watch?

That was extremly modern design coming from you. Great looking馃憣 No I have not forgotten a watch. On the contrary, I have turned the house upside down a couple of times to find an old blue automatic Seiko from the past (with alarm), a also blue Seiko quartz (thinner but with no alarm) and more severe, the gold pocket watch I got from my parents (probably stolen at the same time my mother lost her all life saved juwelery). No sucess yet but I keep looking.

Yep. Forgot I owned a Timex Waterbury until I recently found it.

Woot, woot! Roll on, Columbia, roll on! Glad it's back in rotation. 馃憤馃槑 Good lume, right? Enjoy! 聽聽