I was reading an article on why some watch brands like Rolex have so much hype around them and one of the point given was legacy. History, age, brand maturation, technical advancement, collaborations, noteworthy individuals involved etc. This got me thinking, out of the below list of the oldest watches still around today... which one is the least hyped in your opinion? If you have others please comment.

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Most people have never even heard of Favre-Leuba, no hype whatsoever!

I know nothing about Favre Leuba. I'll look it up!

Breitling. Late to the party 1880 but in the same league IMO. Although not as well known.

West End has been around since 1886 and has operated continuously, unlike some in your poll. Atlantic and Roamer are both 1888.

As I have never even heard of Favre-Leuba, it would be hard to say any of the others are less-hyped. 馃ぃ

Does Blancpain really count? They were out of business entirely for a while in the 70鈥檚/80鈥檚. SSIH shut it down and sold the name off to JC Biver (and then bought it back at a nice premium after he revived it).

Was going to say, on VC and Breguet count on this list.

Guess how I voted 馃槈