Hamilton accuracy after 2 years

How accurate is a Hamilton H10 movement after a couple years. I like automatic watches, but I want accuracy. Loosing 30 seconds a day +/- just does not work for me. These watches are expensive and should keep accurate time.


Automatic movements are a crapshoot. No two H10s will be the same. I've had a couple and both were less than 10 secs a day over that period of time. Depending on how long they are worn and how they are worn can also affect accuracy over time.

I have had, and still have Powermatic 80 movements that have varied from +/- 15 secs. / day to near spot on.


They tend to keep time well out of the box, Hamilton does a good job at regulating the movements tighter compared to its sister swatch group brands which use the same C.07 movement family (Hamilton H-10, Tissot Powermatic 80, Mido Caliber 80). H-10 movements also come in different grades based on the price and accuracy can change. Most run +/-5 seconds a day out of the box. And the usual tolerance is +/-15 seconds.

After 2 years, it really depends on how you use the watch. Regular use, exposing to minor shocks and so on can affect the accuracy over time. From slight deviation to large sometime. These movements all are workhorse, reliable and affordable movements that maintain accuracy well for its price point. You can't unfortunately do a quick regulation for the H-10 movement periodically if there is slight deviation, have to send it back to Swatch service center. The serviceability is not that great when it comes to these family of movements unlike a Sellita and Seiko movements.

If you are so concerned about accuracy, get a COSC certified mechanical watch or a high accuracy quartz.


Please excuse the slight tangent. I am looking at purchasing one of the Hamilton Field autos described below and I trying to understand the $270 difference in retail price.

Hamilton Field Auto H70455533, Caliber : H-10 with date, Case : Stainless, Nivachron : not listed, Retail $675

Hamilton Field Auto, H70205830 Caliber : H-10 without date, Case : Titanium, Nivachron : Yes, Retail $945

Do both H-10s have the Nivachron spring? If so, is the titanium case worth the extra cost?