Where to start

  1. "Gents" and "ladies" are not sizes, they're genders. It's fine (though increasingly pass茅) to gender your collection, but come on. I'd much rather pull down "Size" and see ranges of sizes to select.

  2. Putting that aside for a second, why even bother letting me filter by size and/or gender if only one of the options has results?


This. This 100%

A real 1st world problem 馃槀馃槀馃槀

This is hilarious and horrible. two thoughts.

  1. Someone decided to outsource their UI/UX and not QC it.

  2. I am almost positive Doxa DOES have ladies watches (or at the very least) watches that they brand as ladies watches


I am trying to find a watch for my mother, and ran into this very issue. Even setting aside the social implications of the gender filter, it is a usability nightmare and makes it impossible to find what you are looking for. I just want something that will FIT her...and I want to see the options. Then let me filter by whether I want it bedazzled to all hell, or not. It would be better if they just let me filter by general case size...and maybe a lug-to-lug measurement.

This is laughable 馃槀

I suspect that for the average consumer having things broken down by gender makes the most sense. The average person walking into a store, or shopping online doesn't necessarily know that a 34mm watch will look small on most men's wrists, or that a 44mm will look massive on most women's wrists.

I also suspect that Doxa makes, or intends to make more women's watches at some point in the future. Most brands seem to be realizing that women are an underserved segment of the watch buying market.