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42mm too big?

Hey! I am just not sure if this 42mm watch, 50mm lug to lug looks ok on my 165mm wrist. What do you think? (In case the first photo isn't clear, I am...

… it’s what you do with it that counts.

I think, given the sheer number of threads regarding watch sizing, I feel the need to share the following graphic I found. Source: Goldammer Vintage W...

Pelagos 42 - too big?

Been really interested in trying a Pelagos 42 lately but unsure about its size. I've mostly owned 38-40mm watches since I have a wrist size of about 6...

My Divine Size Comparison guide: Rectangular vs Circular vs Tourneau

When I compare the size between a rectangular watch and a circular watch. I use the area (mm square) to compare their size. It works really well. For...

Size opinion - IWC Mark XX

Crunchers, need your opinions on watch sizes again! How’s this 40mm Mark XX look on my 6.7 inch wrist? Love the look of the dial but the lugs are supe...

Watch size

My first post 😝The trend seem to be downsizing and the longer I am in this watch hobby, the more I enjoy smaller watches. 2 GMT’s side by side and I...

Frederique Constant Highlife 41 vs 39

Hi watch connaisseurs, I’ve narrowed down my search for my first watch to the Frederique constant highlife. However, they now have the latest versions...

What is your size range?

In my watch journey thus far, I aim for watches of diameters around 40-42mm in diameter. Looking across the board, I'm sure a fair few of us are cogni...

Ultimate size poll is here !

What is your preferred case size ?
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The trend is downward.

There's a trend sweeping the world of horology, and it's all about downsizing. It's not a downhill trend; it's a stylish descent into smaller, more re...