Which GMT Should I Get?

Good morning Crunchers! So, I am ready to get into my first GMT watch soon but which one?

I love the new Orange Blue Bradner GMT from Spinnaker:


I also love the Calabro GMT from Long Island watch:


For all of my GMT lovers and fans, which one would you get and why?

Going for a morning walk before the sun rises here in Florida and melts everything.

Thanks in advance for the help and have a safe and great day out there馃槈


Personally I'd save up, and get the Seiko Alpinist GMT, Im not a fan of micro's.

That Spinnaker is stunning. 馃槷 The colors, the curves.

The islander might as well be dog doodie in comparison.

Of those two, I鈥檇 choose the Spinnaker. Which did you go with? I recently bought the Seiko SSK023.

I haven't decided yet. I will let all of the Crunchers know when I do get my grubby mitts on one or the other馃ぃ