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Are Caintè automatic watches that good for the price?

Hey folks, Im pretty new to the watch community and wanted to get some advice. I was recently on TikTok and saw the and for Cainte watches. They looke...

Any Sinn Lovers Here?

For some time, I have been admiring Sinn watches. For Sinn watch owners, what do you like/dislike about them? I just love their clean designs. Ler me...

Looking at adding a GS

Hi All, I have up to 11k AUD to spend on a watch. I currently have in my core collection: Longines Spirit Titanium Omega Speedmaster FOIS Look at addi...

Okay Crunchers. What Do You Think?

Hello Crunchers! So, as I was making the rounds on Facebook Market Place I found this guy. Not too familiar with the brand. Could use some help. I'm n...

For $350?

Need your opinion and guidance on this one fellow Crunchers. Is this a yay or nay? Not too familiar with modded watches🤔 Thanks in advance and hope t...

Which GMT Should I Get?

Good morning Crunchers! So, I am ready to get into my first GMT watch soon but which one? I love the new Orange Blue Bradner GMT from Spinnaker: https...

State of the Collection - and suggestions?

I'm aware that my collection is not everybody's cup of tea. But that, of course, is not the point, the point is that i like it - and i DO like it! I w...

Promaster Orca: How big is too big?

Any Citizen Orca owners out there that can give me some advice? Never handled one in person, but I’m wondering if the 46mm orca watches are simply too...

Advice And Perhaps Some Help For A Fellow Cruncher

Good morning Crunchers! Okay, going right in: I have an app called Offerup. Kind of like a smaller version of Ebay. Anyway, I have bought some watches...

I found a mechanical chronograph which I like the look of - anyone have knowledge about the movement?

Hello fellow crunchers/crunchettes! This is the new "Tissot PR516 Mechanical Chronograph", I absolutely love how it looks and it's one of the few "ent...