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Catskinner ·

Another completely useless morning with a bronze watch

Doing absolutely nothing is way more difficult than what it sounds like. It's an art that requires both focus and relaxation, pretty much like meditat...
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Catskinner ·

Should you match your watch to the wardrobe?

This morning started literally with a bang. A thunderstorm woke us at around 4 am and since then LittleCat™ is running around the house at full speed...
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Catskinner ·

The magnetic attraction of bronze

There is something about bronze that appeals to me in a way that steel doesn't, and today my hand went to to the gilt bronze Superman all by itself. T...
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Catskinner ·

A lil' bit of Erika by my side

The choice of a strap can sometime make or break a watch, turning it from a prized possession into a desk drawer princess. This is pretty much what ha...
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Catskinner ·

Kickstarting the day with a Kickstarter Yema

This steel and bronze Yema was bought through one of Yema Kickstarter crowd funding campaigns, so it's numbered and also hold a special place in my co...
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Catskinner ·

Bouncing low lights, EDC and the Superman

I felt a bit cold outside and decided to spend the coffee time inside playing with camera and the Yema Superman. It's also an opportunity to play with...
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Catskinner ·

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

This morning I almost won a stupid prize because I insisted on acting upon a foolish idea before drinking my coffee. I noticed that the stylized Y on...
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Catskinner ·

Sunbathing with a Yema and a Crocodylus niloticus

The miniature Nile crocodile is the only thing I kept with me from South Africa and it managed to survive several house moves until it found itself us...
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MMerc5 ·

Grail obtained...with some corners cut.

So some things to know about me before I talk about the watch. First off, I have been really into collecting for only 4 years. Second, as I have menti...
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Catskinner ·

Wishing you all a green Sunday

And here I am with the green dial steel/bronze Superman. I just got back from the morning walk, got the espresso and decided that having crossed physi...
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celinesimon ·

Same, Same, But Different - Royal Oak Edition

I'm working on an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak homages/alternatives article. I thought fellow Watch Crunchies would be interested in what I've found so f...
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lmchew ·

Iconic Model Imperfections

What are the most iconic, perhaps divisive, perhaps misunderstood, watch design “imperfections”? The first two that come to my mind are the SMP300 hel...
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TimesAddiction ·

My Essential 3

Dress, Casual & Sport. All I need... maybe a Chrono!? 😂
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marianivan10 ·

Kevin and Teddy had a budget of $12500 each and build two affordable collections. Which one would you choose?

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SNWatchNerd ·

Did your first watch ruin you? / Influence your collection? A brief personal watch history . . .

Guess this is serving as my #Welcome post. My first serious watch in a long time happened to be a watch that wasn't on my radar. My wife and I were va...
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OldSnafu ·

Everyone meet Frank nh35 not GS and not BB58

Latest creation with the dial I like and the hands I love in a sapphire Explorer kind of case topped off with a cop nato
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DigitalDivider ·

Just Got It This Weekend! My New Rangemaster!

I just got this on Saturday. My new Rangemaster. I put it on a Barton saddle leather strap. Just not a fan of bracelets, but I think it looks really g...
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robbits ·

Seiko SRPH25 with custom leather strap

This is my first automatic watch. I was drawn to its all-black finish, Milanese bracelet, and the black pilot watch dial. Picking up the dead watch, t...
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HookedinBern ·

Alpinist in the Alps

Seiko Alpinist no. 3 (of 4 now) is on duty this weekend in the Italian Alps. Need to get s tropic strap for day time activities- then can swap for a D...
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robstacam ·

In the wild (not really)

I didn’t wear it boarding, but still looks great with the backdrop.
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