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Hehe oops… might have bought the wrong watch. 🤣

I saw this Fossil watch online. From the pictures it gave me tiny Seiko Turtle vibes. I also really like the dial and two tone, plus stainless steel c...

New life for a small watch

Loevhagen's "Small Watches" post the other day inspired me to climb a ladder to a top closet shelf and locate a watch case containing a dozen 25-plus...

Is this watch too small for my wrist?

If it seems like I am trolling the insecure wrist models among us, I am. I know that it is not too small. I am on record about small watches and norma...

Whose got the smallest on Watchcrunch?

I took delivery of my tank americaine today - and it’s tiny, but I think I can pull it off. It’s just 19mm wide. So that’s my challenge - show me your...

Big or small?

Hi all watch lovers 🙂 Just wanted to post a question here to see people's opinions on what their perfect size is for a watch. I saw an Invicta diver...

Case size 34mm too small for a man?

So... There's a watch I have been eyeing, however it's 34mm, so just to see "how it feels" I've tried the new AT at 34mm and it felt so tiny! Is it ju...

What’s the smallest watch you wear?

One of my favorites is this 29mm Mido Multifort Powerwind. What are some of your favorites? Who wears the smallest?

NWA: modern looks, vintage size

36mm Tissot Seastar quartz. A rare modern addition to my mostly vintage assortment. More dressy than toolish as it's quite a bright blue and there are...

Small watches

Hey, Gonna be rocking this little Beauty today , some may say it’s too small but I love the way it looks.found it on eBay for basically nothing. The r...

Modern Small Automatic Watch With Similar Wearing Experience To OG Tag F1?

Since I had my mid-90’s Tag Heuer F1 revived recently, I’ve found that I’ve really enjoyed wearing it. Not just as a hipster statement or as a change...