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Ludovic Ballouard Meteorite

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sebricjeltho ·

Formex Essence ThirtyNine Space Rock Limited Edition

Gotta love meteorite, especially when it's on a Formex. What a brand this is!
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Hakairoku ·

Business by day, Party by night

I finally got my Zelos Blacktip and for a lume nut, this watch is a dream come true. I love everything about this watch, although I have one niggle an...
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whywecollectwatches ·

Best place to sell a watch

I have a brand new Zelos Spearfish GMT meteorite dial that I want to sell. What web sites would you recommend I use? I looking at Chrono24 as one poss...
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vmiyanks04 ·

New Zelos Meteorite!

I just had to share my most recent purchase… the Zelos Swordfish Meteorite dial in blue! The dial is just stunning! 40mm, 46mm L2L, 200m, Seiko NH35,...
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watchobsessed ·

What's your favorite dial type?

I love a great dial (who doesn't?!). With so many options, what's your favorite dial type? NOTE - I was limited to 4 options, but honorary mentions include California (mix of Roman/Arabic numerals), c...
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KyleC93 ·

LVMH Watch Week 2023 Tag Heuer Speculation

With LVMH Watch Week 2023 starting soon, I have a feeling we're in for the release of two new Aqua Racers, maybe in titanium...or a meteorite bezel? T...
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KairosChrono ·


Never bought an Aragon watch before, but I had seen them, and they caught my attention. I personally think the specs are really good for the $550 MSRP...
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Cybotron ·

Zodiac Meteorite Dial

This is pretty nice. What do you think?
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TheTownWatch ·

HORON Ocean Hunter "Kraken" 300m Dive Watch with Meteorite Dial | Micro Brand Overview

A new micro brand watch company called Horon Watches is releasing their first timepiece, a 300m diver called the "Ocean Hunter". In this video I do a...
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Mr.Swords ·

Thomas Earnshaw Longitude Swiss Made Quartz

Beautiful dress watch that I found being both an astronomy fan and a rock hound.
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ansWatches ·

#IFLWatches Mo-Fri covered 😁😎

#iflwatches #milkyway #tiffany #inferno #maryjane #steel-prism - week is covered 😉
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