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Darkoverlord ·

Could you complete a wrist swap?

So..... I just had rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder. I might be in a sling for up to 8 weeks. (hopefully less) I tried to wear my watches on m...
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Darkoverlord ·

I always tell the truth even when I'm lying.

Ok, my sincere apologies if I've held up the works here. Stupid things like work, sleep, kids etc have delayed my foray into the art of lying to you a...
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Darkoverlord ·

New to the Crunch

Hello, Gavin here aka the Darkoverlord as I’m known at Watchintyme and WUS. Pretty active at those and looking in here to see what it’s about. I’ve be...
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Darkoverlord commented on My sort of secret love of Breitling ·

Very cool

I’ve always loved Breitling and the minute I could add a luxury watch I knew it had to be a Breitling.

I’m very fortunate to have three. I know you’ll get there eventually.

Darkoverlord commented on Ones that got away… ·

My Omega guy offered me a snoopy before it was released. Would’ve been in the first batch. But at the time they had no details just that the msrp would be under $10k. Not being a flipper, I passed.

Also this guy, had it in hand day of release. But I’m not an impulse shopper. Two days later…. Gone

Darkoverlord commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Formex Vs. Squale ·

Tough round

Kinda agree that squale isn’t a micro but they’re in the game and one of my favorite brands

Here’s pics of my three in case there’s a tie:

Darkoverlord commented on Remembering you, Mom. ·

Thanks for sharing your story and her time piece. Well done.

Darkoverlord commented on Bracelet Sizing ·

I used to work at a watch shop. When I was taught to size bracelets I was taught (by a professional watchmaker) to remove them evenly but if an odd number of links had to be removed the extra should be in the six o’clock side of the watch.

but, in the end everyone’s wrist and personal comfort are different so you do what the customer wants.

for myself I do it evenly unless it ends up uncomfortable when I’m done.

Darkoverlord commented on Moonswatch ‘Gold’ ·

I think it’s cause they’d have to supply three stores in NYC.

Darkoverlord commented on Moonswatch ‘Gold’ ·

why the negativity? this is tasteful and basically a speedy tues release. its so extremely limited that there shouldn't be mile long cues with brawls.

this could've been garish, instead its just a tiny change to make it more limited.... a very Omega move.