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msugarman ·

Turned off by Hodinkee lately??!!!

Anybody feel the same way I do? Lately, like for the past year or so, their content has started to feel a bit like an advitorial - an ad disguised as...
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bevelwerks ·

Christmas coming Early

My first watch purchase of 2022… and honestly was not expecting to be won over by anything until next year, let alone an offering from the Dink, but s...
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TalkingDugong ·

Mido × Hodinkee collaboration: a 40.4mm Ocean Star GMT

So yeah, just saw this article. Lucky folks. A Mido Ocean Star retro style GMT. Damn. The link to the article.
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neovintage ·

Hamilton X Hodinkee Khaki Mechanical

Saw this release from Hodinkee and really like the dial. Been wanting to get a Field Mechanical for the longest time and I bought the bracelet separat...
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watchobsessed ·

Female Watch Enthusiast’s Amazing Collection

Many of us have commented about the fact that the majority of users here and on other watch forums are male. I read through this article and loved see...

Four + One: She Went From 'Asking Dumb Questions' About Watches To Writing A Smart Watch Encyclopedia
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dgstng ·

Hodinkee + Leica = ?

After collaborating for M10-P in 2019, Hodinkee and Leica prepared a new "Ghost" edition again but this time for the Q2. Actually, as a watch and came...
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Bobofet ·

Meanwhile on LinkedIn…

It’s a good day for Tudor. Hodinkee app stays on my phone, mostly because the audible seconds watch setting sub-app is still useful.
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Cybotron ·


Just got an email there's a special edition Mido launching next week. On this photo it shows a picture of a dragonfruit. Dragonfruit is popular in Mex...
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Watchme1 ·

Hey Hodinkee… What the

Time to rant. So when are these watch enthusiast websites that engage in selling collab limited editions going to actually make sure that their watche...
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TimexBadger ·

New Timex Vintage Q Limited Edition

Hey folks, This is Hodinkee's 3rd co-lab with Timex. I have the prior 2 (Timex Q and Timex Waterbury). I like them both, but I think I'm going to pass...
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