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Porthole ·

Porthole pushes the parameters #1…

If you are a Porthole fan (and who wouldn’t be, he’s soooo dreamy ❤) you may recall my New Years message . My desire for all of you, whatever you wear...
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Porthole ·

Just… stop… and that’s about it from me

As we hurtle at speed towards the heat death of the universe, I always look forward to seeing what nonsense invades my inbox to pass the time until ei...
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Cosme44 ·

What´s wrong with Yema?

I´ve always loved the design of the Yema Superman (Heritage or 500) but I´ve never made any research about the brand. At first I thought it was a pres...
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Porthole ·

Chronotriggered destroys watches... #10 - this time it’s personal

No intro - straight to business. #10. Let’s roll… I’ve tried to keep a level-head throughout this series. Even when I absolutely detest a watch, I’ve tried to be fair. This time, off the bat, hand on...
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Porthole ·

The perils of vintage problem solving with Porthole #1… when the content becomes more contrived and the watch just doesn’t sit right…

Chris is mashing up series now is he? The Porthole/Chronotriggered cinematic universe is in its seventh cycle and just scraping that barrel. Well… you...
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Porthole ·

You are the CEO of Hublot for one year, what would you change?

Shamelessly inspired by @Hamza1 ’s post theoretically placing you at the helm of Rolex - let’s have a real challenge and debate. Through an administra...
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Porthole ·

Chronotriggered destroys watches... #8

or do I... It's been a while hasn't it, and this isn't the intended eighth installment, but whilst that is being drawn up, a quick little jaunt into the 'triggered cinematic universe with everyone's f...
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Porthole ·

Chronotriggered destroys watches… #1

Me again (and cue most of you switching tabs… you know who you are 😉). So, I caught a program on Channel 4 earlier this week called “Jimmy Carr Destroys Art”, an interesting concept by which the produ...
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Porthole ·

Chronotriggered destroys watches… #4 - Guest editor edition with Edge168n

So #3 is still ongoing, but it looks like most people wish to see the Bulova Royal Oak eradicated from existence. We will see what process will be adopted, but we might try and flog it for a quick buc...
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Porthole ·

Chronotriggered destroys watches… #6

I know what you are thinking… how long can he keep this charade up. The Air King “Double 9” survives - fair enough… Another solo entry this time, and it was sparked by a recent video by Andrew Morgan:...
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