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Yet another homage post…

But wait… Gen Z are buying “ dupes ” and high end brands are encouraged to embrace the rise of #dupe I have nothing to add really, I just know that th...

Stallone is selling his Grandmaster Chime by Patek Philippe after five years having never worn it. What's your view on this?

Supposedly, selling this watch is a big no-no. I don't get it.
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Exploring the Bremont Terra Nova at their Mayfair Boutique Meetup

Join The Watch Collectors' Club for an evening exploring the new Novelties from Bremont in their Terra Nova range. The response to these watches has been interesting to say the least. Come along and t...
May 2
England, GB
Thu, May 2 · 6:00 PM BST

Bremont Event this week!

Hi Crunchers, just want to highlight there is still time to Signup for our Meetup and Event at Bremont this Thursday evening. It's at their flagship M...

Controversy topic: Watches don’t have to be expensive to be special or make you a “real” collector.

I feel like this topic is one that I deeply feel connected to. As somebody who dreams of tons of different multi thousand dollar Swiss, German, and Ja...

Homages? End of A.K.A. My Top Ten Homage Watches

There's been a lot of talk about homages again recently (as if that topic ever goes away), but as I'm not a YouTuber or an influencer, I thought I'd p...

Controversial post… wait for it…

This is a long one, please try to read to end before you comment. The Rolex Pepsi BLRO in ceramic is perfectly done. The fit and finish is top notch,...

Jumping the shark… a New Year’s message

It’s that time of year. Congratulations if you are reading this… the algorithm will be trying its hardest to bury this the moment it was posted, so en...

Rolex Prices too high?

I have a very controversial question: do you think that Rolex prices will become realistic again? I mean, in the year 2000, a Rolex Submariner had a r...

Chronotriggered destroys watches... #8

or do I... It's been a while hasn't it, and this isn't the intended eighth installment, but whilst that is being drawn up, a quick little jaunt into the 'triggered cinematic universe with everyone's f...
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