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R16013 ·

Rolex AD Experience

Hi all, another one of these posts huh? "Come on dude. We know u had a bad experience . Just get on with your life and get into other brands!" At leas...
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Fieldwalker ·

Rolex is awful. I didn’t know the deal when going to an AD.

I know they are great watches. But going to a Rolex AD made hate the brand. Dad wanted to sell his old Explorer 1016 and I said I’d buy it, thinking a...
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eliamathias ·

Realistic expectations?

Good morning everyone! I finally put my name down for a GMT Master II Pepsi on Jubilee after all. Now: The lady at the AD was incredibly friendly and...
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Nate_Designer ·

Watch shop dislikes

Does anyone else get turned off by the way many shops display and present watches? I am not a fan of how many shops (not all) display watches like a d...
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hoffman010 ·

Confusing Dealers

I am getting married in September, and as a wedding present I am intending on buying my fiancé a ladies Tag Aquaracer. She puts up with me talking abo...
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PopitonaNATO ·

Grey market or AD?

Hi Everyone hope you're having a great night (or evening, or morning, or whatever). This may sound like an incredibly stupid question but please humou...
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OutOfWind ·

Rolex fans be like…

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kookoo.for.chrono ·

Watches that don’t sell

What happens to watches that sit in their cases and don’t sell?
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patina_joe ·

Buying a watch at the airport

Did anyone here ever buy a watch at the airport or know of anyone that's purchased a watch at the airport? seems like a weird place to buy a watch.
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hands.and.bezels ·

Rolex wholesale prices?

What is the wholesale price of a Rolex or other luxury watch brands?
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