Grail Pocket Watch?

I am most assuredly, definitely, unquestionably, not taking up watch collecting. But ...


As I've mentioned in other comments, there's little chance of any analog watch taking the place of the Apple Watch on my wrist. However, locating and restoring my grandfather's pocket watch so it can serve as my desk clock did make me think: Might there be a way to enjoy beautiful mechanical watches after all? I began (somewhat guiltily) checking out various pocket watches for sale. But I was just looking. Ultimately, though, I couldn't help myself. This Omega showed up in an auction, and, unexpectedly, my meager bid was the winner.

My amateur photography skills don't really do it justice. The dial does have a patina; the hands suffer from some minor discoloration, and the back has a couple of very tiny scratches. Otherwise, it's in exceptional condition. It winds and runs fine, and appears to keep excellent time. I'll have the same watchmaker that worked on my grandfather's Bulova take a look and perform any necessary service, and then I plan on actually using it as a pocket watch.

Based on my time here and in other forums, I've come to understand that there is a notion of a "Grail Watch." I think that must mean a watch that, once acquired, relieves the owner of the burden of future collecting. Since I am most assuredly, definitely, unquestionably, not taking up watch collecting, I think this Omega must be my Grail Pocket Watch.