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1985 Seiko Professional 200m eBay Find

I stumbled onto this vintage 1985 Seiko Professional 200m Diver Ladies and scooped it up for $100 as a small desk diver unless my wife wants to wear....

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commented on Thoughts on watch purchases. Am I over thinking this?

I add the types of watches that I don鈥檛 have or that have unique features that interest me to my collection. Like a chronograph, atomic, solar, ISO diver, world timer, GMT, full lume dial, etc.

commented on Trail_Time's WRUW

Love the thoughtfulness that went into that watch. Reminds me of my great grandfather鈥檚 Patek pocket watch鈥檚 repeater bell but silent. 鈴憋笍

commented on Business trip watches - Missing something?

I think you鈥檒l find yourself in the analog minority in a sea of Smart Watches unless your customers and colleagues are likeminded. Don鈥檛 be surprised (or disappointed) if no one asks you what you鈥檙e wearing. Remember watches are for us not them.

commented on Which Franken Tony is Best?

Although two hands shaped like spoons would have gotten 100%

commented on The Spaceship Though

Yes it is (for me).

commented on The Spaceship Though

I鈥檓 a sucker for anything moon and space program related. I like it although it won鈥檛 be on my buy list.

commented on Timex thoughts

Love what they still continue to do.