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commented on How do you pay for your watches? (Method)

Cash? Cheque? never heard of them in Sweden. I usually go the debit card way as credit card points are not super strong here.

commented on Seeking feedback on watch accessory idea

As @JJMM1983 wrote- similar products are available on Amazon for various laptops and colors for half the price and free shipping.

commented on Watchmakers in Stockholm

If the watch is out of guarantee and you want a more modest watch maker than H枚torget Urmakare & Guld is a good choice.

commented on palicar's WRUW

Why should there be regrets? enjoy it, a really nice watch

commented on Screw down pushers鈥 love or hate

They make the watch look too...busy? "fat"? cumbersome?

commented on Grail or exit watch?

In a somewhat similar case, an Omega 2254.50 20+ years ago, I thought that I got my grail. Time have proven me wrong...

commented on Nail / Watch Coordination (Wife)

I almost bought this PRX to myself, it鈥檚 a beautiful watch