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New Citizen alert

This is actually my first watch that i bought myself. I got it used and with the specs it got I think I got a good deal for it. However there are some...

opinion on Jacques Lemans watches

I have spotted on a local online marketplace a guy selling his Jacques Lemans watch for cheap and I got intrigued. However I am not aquainted by this...

Fossil appreciation

just changed the strap on my fossil townsman, so here is a quick fossil apreciation post. I am aware there are many better watch companies but i think...

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commented on New Citizen alert ยท

I know I am happy either way. I just wanted to know cause I am new to buying used watches so I can use this example to learn from.

And i acctually got it for 30โ‚ฌ so not bad i guess ๐Ÿ˜„

commented on SuperMario's WRUW ยท

Which Casio is that? Looks so cool.

commented on Wrist Candy ยท

Wow, stunning dial.

commented on opinion on Jacques Lemans watches ยท

Thanks for the opinion.

commented on If you like red dials, this is a good one ยท

wow that dial looks soooo good๐Ÿ˜ฎ

commented on strap change or new watch ยท

Thanks, this really is the site with all the spare parts, if only it was also in Europe haha, but still helpful

commented on strap change or new watch ยท

Well i decided just to change straps, at the moment I am not really keen in spending my money on a watches unless I REALLY need to, especially because this beater that I already have works like a charm.

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Can anyone indentify this watch

I found this vintage timex watch at my grandparents house and i am courious to know which model it is if anyone could determine that it must be at lea...

strap change or new watch

Could anyone help me to decide if i should change my 4 year old casio with another beater(like a casio DW-5600) or should I just replace the strap, if...