Watched the original Roadhouse last weekend after watching the remake a couple of weeks ago, and I can say with certainty the remake is definitely missing the mark. One thing I noticed tho was James Dalton鈥檚 watch. Did a quick google and it's a Tag Heuer 3000 pro chronograph, in my search I found out that the non-chrono variant is pretty cheap, so don't be surprised when you see me post one for WRUW



IIRC this bouncing tutor somehow had a high end Mercedes, back in the 80's when they were really expensive, so why wouldn't he have a good watch with which to engage in backwoods bar fights?

Sending a low offer to the guy on ebay selling one: "I want you to be nice..."

Hollywood is creativly bankrupt, for sure. Also, they dont seem to get that some movies/series were a product of its time, something that cant be replicated today.

Nice watch as well.