Union Glasshütte thoughts ?

Teddy bald just shared a video of his visit to union glasshütte and they have some interesting watches. Do you have any experience with those ?


I think their 34mm vero can make for a lesser known but still great GADA, or dress watch, depending on the configuration you choose.


I've had this for about 6 weeks now, and love it:


It's one of those brands that's always kind of been there in the background. I think they don't stand out next to their German friends because they use Swiss movements whereas the bigger German players make distinctly German ones. Perhaps the model that comes closest is the 1893 Johannes Dürrstein Edition Gangreserve (still an ETA movement but unique to Union and kind of German-looking). Nice and tasteful watches overall, nonetheless.


It's internationally overlooked. Definately. And I really like the brand.

But I wouldn't call it "underrated". I think as many other watch brands it is rated as the market is willing to pay.

They offer great watches dressy and sportive watches with style.

But I personally do miss some little things in detail which makes the differences.

For example I think that on most watches the dials are quite boring. To plain for what you pay for.

For example, with their Valjoux 7751 movement watches (Union Glashütte Belisar Chronograph Moonphase), I once made a comparing.


The dial of Union is the most boring one while all other offers a lot of details.

Technically it's another story.

As they described in the interview, they do not simply insert the third party movement. They are all tailored, decorated and hand ensembled. And the hairspring is changed to a silicon type as on most Union watches.

That's definatly great. But most people deside by the look of a watch and here I would expect better look.

Another point I once checked the Union Noramis Sport


A great watch. But in reality the color was not that popping as on the pictures. At least not in the jewelery shop. I also missed the englage on the edges of the watch, which should be something to expect for 2,5 K.

At least it disturbed me.

I don't want to talk to negative.

They are great watches, but for me they always missed the last mile to the competitors. They made a lot of extras, but for my taste alway on the wrong side and cutted corners on the other for me important side.

But that's all just points that disturbed me.

I always recommed everyone to check Union Glashütte. It's always worth to take a look.


Their watches looked pretty amazing. I was mad at Teddy for showing me this cause now I want one

A couple of their pieces are nice (Noramis chrono in red comes to mind), but I just feel the competition from the other Glashütte brands is too stiff.

Mühle is a similar price range and have many cooler designs/cooler story to me, and it goes without saying Glashütte Original is top-tier if you're in that price range