Wedding Day

Just finished getting ready for my wedding. In an hour and a half I will be married to the woman of my dreams. Yes, I know I鈥檓 not wearing a dress watch but for the few of you who follow me (chuckles softly to self) know the reasons why I chose this one. My grandma passed a few years ago and would have loved to see me on this special day. As the minutes tick by and I look at my watch I know she鈥檚 here in spirit. At the end of the day what are watches other than a tool that expresses time, but a cherished item that remind us of momentous days gone by.





Thank you

All the best to you on this new chapter Nelson! As long as it speaks to you as it seems it does, that is indeed a watch worthy of a wedding!

Congrats in advance!!

Congratulations and I love Nixon watches.

I love weddings. Congratulations, brother!

Congratulations and enjoy your night.



Congratulations and a lot of luck for this new chapter in your lives

Congratulations!!! Have an amazing day!