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Iโ€™m thinking about getting seiko 5 gmt and longines Zulu time. Should I get the seiko 5 for the first watch and then later on getting Zulu time? Iโ€™m n...

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commented on Watch recommendation ยท

Honestly I ended up buying it, and love it. Soon will get the Zulu time. I feel addicted to it.

commented on Watch recommendation ยท

My budget is around ยฃ2000-3000, but the thing is i have went through a lot of options like Tudor black bay and so on and settled on Zulu time which i actually Iโ€™m planning to buy but im just waiting a little bit before rushing out so in the mean time i was thinking to get seiko 5 which would be work, casual watch. Should I get it or not ? @AllTheWatches