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Review Weiss 42mm Standard Issue Diver in Tennessee Tangerine

This is a quick review of the Weiss 42mm diver in Tennessee Tangerine now that I鈥檝e been wearing for a few weeks. I haven鈥檛 seen a single one on the u...

Weiss 42mm Standard Issue Dive watch

4.6 Avg. Score

Going to Paris in a few days. Which one should I take?

124 votes

My brand new 42mm Weiss Dive Watch

This is my Weiss 42mm Tennessee Tangerine Dive watch limited edition of only 20. I wanted to purchase a watch for my 10 years of worry free ownership...

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commented on Marathon MSAR

I have the GSAR on rubber and I love it!! I haven鈥檛 tried it on the oem bracelet. I ended up purchasing the aftermarket bracelet from Long Island watch (brac-90) which has tooless micro adjustments and it鈥檚 like half the price. I think it only fits the 41mm

commented on seasidesavage's WRUW

Nice!! How do you like that bracelet? Does it have micro adjust? I have the same watch in orange with a tropic strap but didn鈥檛 see an option for the bracelet separately

commented on Yes, please

I like the watch, the only problem is I don鈥檛 own a jeep. I love that it has the usual tritium but the numbers are also lumped.

commented on Review Weiss 42mm Standard Issue Diver in Tennessee Tangerine

I was surprised they don鈥檛 list the bracelet individually. When I purchased this limited edition there was no option for a bracelet like when you select the non limited ones. I would have loved to purchase on bracelet and just pay extra for the tropic. I actually like this one so much I might purchase another one in the future in a different color and grab the bracelet and just swab bracelet and tropic whenever I want

commented on [NWA] A beauty with some character

My oddball is also a Diastar, this makes 20 years with this watch, it鈥檚 a bit small for me. I was thinking of getting the new 38mm Blue one.

commented on Marathon + JEEP collab?!

I kind of like it. I don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l be buying it, especially since I don鈥檛 own a Jeep. But if they don鈥檛 sell well and do a crazy discount, similar to the USAF 50 % off I鈥檒l jump on it. I like that it has tritium markers and the numbers have lume

commented on What's your Beach Watch?

Here鈥檚 mine, I think bright is the way to go!


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Island Watch x Marathon collab

Saw this on Instagram. Anybody excited or have predictions? I鈥檓 hoping for a 39-40mm tritium field watch. I鈥檝e purchased from Marc in Long Island and...

Sometimes a watch catches you by surprise

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Alternative to oem jubilee bracelet Seiko 5 GMT

Does anybody have experience with an aftermarket jubilee bracelet for the seiko 5 gmt? I've heard in many youtube reviews people give positive reviews...

Whatever happend to just keeping and wearing your watch?

When I started collecting watches what resonated with me was the idea of having a watch/es that was part of my personal story. I loved hearing stories...

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