Now What?!? 馃

I got caught up in this hobby in a real hurry! In the last year I went from owning just the Citizen, and keeping it on my desk, to now having a full watch box, and having to keep most of my digitals separate because there's no room! 馃槀

A good moment to slow down and reflect I reckon! What have some of you more experienced collectors done? I know many of you would sell/give away, refine your buying decisions, and start 'upgrading' particular slots. Others out there will hold on to every watch bought, as they each represent part of the journey, and they still like each one.

Personally, I'm not too sure.... There's a few more pieces I've got my eye on (Lorier Falcon, Hamilton Murph in 38mm, the new Tsuyosa with sub seconds). No real direction, or purpose though. I just want them 馃槀

Has anyone else found themselves in this position? Where you're wondering why you're even into all of this and why you're buying each piece? Mostly just wondering out loud, to help my thought process, but happy to hear your thoughts if you want to share!! 馃槑


You need another watch box 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ maybe a 12 slot box

lol鈥learly your box is too small. Btw, how do you find the watch winders?

My collection is an unfocused mess but I'm just having some fun with it. I do admire when some collectors take a more thoughtful structured approach.

After multiplying like rabbits the past two years I'm returning to fewer watches at higher price points and other than the no-brainer $50 swap meet Seiko Bell-Matic below I haven't bought a watch in 2024.


One great method for having new watch experiences without adding one to your collection are the meet-ups.

Last night I was able to try on many amazing watches including a well fitting Habring2 and the gold Daytona below which wouldn't have been possible even at the Rolex AD.

A nice scratching of the new watch fix.


Looking forward to seeing where your collection goes from here!

I literally found myself in the same position and discovered Watchcrunch as a result 馃槀. I got a 24 slot box thinking I'll never fill it up... And now I'm at the edge. I suppose for me at least, it forced me to be much more purposeful with the pieces I add and subtract from the collection going forward.

I know exactly where you're coming from and am in a similar situation.

I've decided to ask myself "why" with every watch I become interested in. If the answer doesn't satisfy me then I put that watch purchase aside.

That being said I still answer "because" sometimes and just buy the watch. 馃槑

I ran through my first watch box quite fast, and have no regrets. They were mostly affordable and with no real theme, but helped me establish what I really liked and gave me a solid collection to build from. I don't sell any watches, and that allowed me to wear different watches each day and enjoy a collection. I have been slowly increasing the maximum budget. So while I still buy affordable watches, I also allow myself to save a bit. There are so many great watches at all price points. I want to explore the $1000-$2000 range for a bit now.

It is very common for new collectors, me included. I'm at the phase where I trying to trim my collections now. One reason is also because it is expensive to maintain watches. I just sent my grand seiko for repair and the estimated cost is 1k

Quite common at the beginning to buy several watches even with "no theme" in mind. Do not worry, this is the fun of this hobby... expecially I can see there are several affordable watches you have. It does help to understand what you like. At some point you will start thinking what you really want and how to "tidy up" your box 馃槈. I am at the point now, after a a year and a half of buying watches, I cannot wear them enough to really enjoy them all.... Therefore I decided to:

1. Stop buying for the moment. I know it is difficult 馃槶.

2. Have a plan of what I want to have in my collection. Reflect for a moment on what you have and you'll find out what you "need".

3. Saving to buy some still relatively affordable but good quality watches.

4. Do a lot of research and comparison to help me decide.the right one for me. This is the fun..

Hope it helps!!

I also filled my box, and have confused plans 馃槂I have no regrets so far, and I am not considering selling.

My worst enemy is FOMO, all those limited editions and sales are messing with my brain. So far I managed to cope with it.

What works for me is waiting. Will I still want that model after three months? Does it still jump at me?

In the future I see a new box 馃槀

I went from buying to modding then building watches to get what I like. I prefer to Frankenstein them together. Example: Seiko case, Explorer like dial with Tudor hands and Seiko NH35 powered. That way it can not be seen as a fake anything. I just like those parts.


lol鈥learly your box is too small. Btw, how do you find the watch winders?

Obviously I made an error buying such a small box 馃槀 those aren't winders, they're digital watches in their stock boxes, as there's no room in the main box!