Got a new watch about a week ago. I decided to go Ray II instead of the Kamasu. I liked the look and I will just end up replacing the mineral crystal with sapphire sometime soon. I also didn't like the slight green hue of the hands, so I replaced them with some seiko hands. Luckily they fit the movement just fine! After that quick swap, I have been VERY happy with my purchase. Have any of you owned the Ray II before? If you currently own one, comment some pics down below!

(P.S. The bracelet in the picture is one that I bought for my casio duro. It fits surprisingly well!)


I love it! I have a kamasu and I could totally buy a ray II because is my second favorite

Looks great! I kinda love that you bought it and then improved it to suit your own tastes. I would have zero idea how to do that! The Ray II was my first auto everyday diver and I still love it. I got a new strap for mine a couple weeks ago.


Very nice! 馃憣馃徎

Man the fact that enthusiasts get down and customize their pieces is so wholesome. Would never dream of that. I freaking love my Ray though :)


Nice look. Love me an Orient too. I literally just slipped this on to head out for a seafood dinner! Waiting for the missus to be ready I watchcrunched for a few and saw your post. 馃槂


This is the watch that started it all for me. Still have it, still love it 10 years later. I have beat the shit out of mine, it has seen salt water, brackish silt, and has been 70 feet deep. It does give a single shit about what I have put it through.


I adore mine! The Lume is better than anything I鈥檝e ever had in my collection!

Swap my ray II orange immmeditly with rubber strap .. I swim with and look at orange legibility underwater all the time