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nostrap ·

Can't choose between these two..

As a first watch, which would you pick? What I love about the Farer - Elvington II - It is super flexible, I can wear it with any outfits - It's a mic...
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cycle_of_fifths ·

Vaer A3 Traditional 36mm

I recently got a new job and have been busy with the relocation process, so it has been a while since I posted or participated here at WC. To celebrat...
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BrunoRz ·

It has arrived...yesterday! NWD - Smiths Everest Expedition

This watch has really really surprised me. Both in terms of looks but in overall quality and finishing. That cream dial! And that po...
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JethroTull ·

WTF I love cyclops now

I had that stereotype in my mind that the cyclops was only for old people but now that I have one I cant believe how awesome it is. Also everyone need...
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JethroTull ·

So a new watch is a pain to wear...

...when you spent real money on it and don't want it to get damaged. seems to me one of the hardest things to get over is that watches are not basebal...
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GoingTopShelf ·

How many watches do you purchase annually?

No judgment, just curious what people's habits are on this forum. I tend to buy about 1-2 watches per year, but I've gone through phases where that was much higher. I think I bought 5 watches between...
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mpower5266 ·

Got hands on with a few watches last week.

I have been on the road the last couple of weeks working EAA Airventure. While cruising the grounds on the last day of set up, I noticed Oris had the...
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Munky1 ·

Watches £1000-£1500

Mrs Munky has surprised and delighted me by offering to buy me a watch c £1000-£1500. This would be a considerable move upmarket, for me. I know that...
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BrunoRz ·

Pulled the Trigger on the Smiths Everest Expedition

I've been looking to this watch for ages. Never tried to buy, but I've seen that the store opened today. It opened at 14:00 UK. I've places my order a...
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watchdawg ·

Help me pick a strap for Ming 37.07

I am a male with dark skin. The new ming 37.07 comes with a choice of White Rubber Strap or Oxblood Barenia Strap, both made by Jean Rousseau. Which one would you pick? There is also an option to pick...
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