What's the sequence of your daily decision process?

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E: Yup

F. I get up a wear what tickles my fancy, retired lol

G I always wear sports watches, I never wear a suit and tie, I always wear jeans and a casual shirt, rather I choose the color of my Omega bracelet on my right wrist based on the color of the watch or the color of the watch strap


A makes the most sense to me, I pick my watches based on what I plan to do that day, but I wear my clothes before putting on my watch

Sometimes I'll have a watch in mind and I'll put it out to wear the next day then when I get up I'll completely change my mind. I don't usually think about if the watch is gonna match anything I wear or am doing that day.

I wear Dress pants/Loafers and a Polo shirt鈥 all the time/occasion/season. My watch it what鈥檚 on rotation for that week. I don鈥檛 care how what looks 鉁岋笍

my process is very simple. Wardrobe and activity don't vary greatly and my watches are versatile. Jeans and a Polo in office or not. Mostly sporty watches.

Im more of a Watch, Watch guy..dont really care about the 'outfit'...JMO Enjoy the hobby

Was this a trick question 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

Close eyes, pick one, change mind, ask WC, give up, stay in bed

Combination of A and B actually, but I voted for B.