Which watch should I bring to Portugal?

Going to Portugal for a week and I want to only bring one watch but can't decide between the Tudor BB GMT with a few natos for versatility or Cartier Santos with the quick exchange leather strap and bracelet that also has good versatility.

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Tbh if I was travelling anywhere outside the Arabian Gulf, which is very very safe, I would bring a watch that doesn't scream "luxury" - which Cartier definitely does. Be safe my friend!

Depends on what you do on holiday. Are you the fine dining type, do you loll around the pool, or are you spending time waterskiing and exploring?

The Tudor is way less noticeable & the GMT hand could be useful for checking the time back home.

Tudor - on my holidays there tends to be a lot of moving around on public transport and visiting busy attractions (as well as lazing around) so I'd prefer something on my wrist that looks built for adventure.