Regarding Tridium tubes

I would like to ask how safe is tridium ? If it's safe howcome watch maker in Switzerland and Germany not using it ?

Perfectly safe.

Tritium is much lighter than air, modern day watch manufacturers using tritium tubes use such an insanely small amount, that should the capsule leak, it will dissipate so fast it's a non issue.

It mainly comes down to what a manufacturer wants, and there is prolly real world extra taxes, fees, disposal costs which would in turn drive up price points.

Thanks solidyetti for your answer, much appreciated !

Oh yeah baby!

Ball is a Swiss manufacturer and so is Marathon. Both use tritium. Don鈥檛 eat it lol it was probably phased out mostly due to burn out.

Tritium is safe. I have an M&P pistol with fairly bright tritium sights and they have held up extremely well. I also love watches that use tritium tubes. Very cool looking to my eye.

Def safe. pretty cool too!