SOTC April 2023

With my collection growing slowly and having now got watches from all sorts of different brands and use cases, I decided it is probably time to make a SOTC post, hope you all enjoy

First watch

First watch I ever bought, having saved up money from my first job at 13 years old, a Sekonda 1775. Nice enough watch, looks good, although the dark blue hands with dark blue indices on a dark blue dial doesn't lend itself towards legibility 馃槀

First mechanical watch

Wrote a review of this watch on WC, giving it only a lowly 2.8 stars, the Diesel MS9 Skeleton. Amazing looking watch, and as my first mechanical it has a special place in my heart. A very flawed watch but one I'll always have time for.

Vintage watch

A 1960s Pobeda Zim here, fairly dressy watch, handwound, but very very small. Researching Soviet watches before buying this one is what got me into watch collecting as a hobby.


Possibly my favourite watch on this list, my Tissot PRC200, and my only Swiss watch. Very wellmade, very comfortable, and I always have time for a nice chrono.

Go anywhere, do anything

My dark blue Rotary Avenger is my GADA watch, nice and small, formal enough to go with a button-up, but also casual enough to go with a t-shirt and jeans. Very nice grab and go, quartz watch always keeps time and dark blue goes with everything.


My second skeleton watch on the list, my Rotary Greenwich, absolutely stunning watch in my opinion, and I don't make a secret of my love for Rotary.


The venerable and well-loved Casio A168WA, not much to say here, owned by many, loved by most, from the best brand in watch making history 馃槀


Seiko 5 SRPH29K1 for this one (Japanese brands need to bless us with model names once in a while rather than letters and numbers). In my opinion a contestant for best looking budget mechanical watch, that olive green is stunning in person and the orange really pops.


The newest addition to my collection, the Boldr Safari Serengeti GMT. Lovely watch, with a very beautiful green dial and dual-tone bezel. Green definitely is one of my favourite watch colours.

Watch with memories

My great-grandad's old Armani Exchange, a 45mm monster, but a surprisingly wearable one.

Where will my collection go next?

I have a few pieces I'd like to grab soonish. A dress watch of some sort would be nice, perhaps one of the Seiko Cocktail Times. Another GADA watch as well, in black this time, eyeing up the Citizen Atomic Clock Perpetual Calendar as a possibility, I do think it is a very nice watch in that black, and I've heard good things about Citizen's Eco-Drive. A Brew watch will probably be the next addition to my collection though unless I can get a very good offer on one of those other 2 options, and a Vostok Amphibia is a must for a Soviet watch fan.

Hope everyone has enjoyed my little SOTC of my fairly budget collection. If anyone has any questions about any, or any recommendations for good ideas for an affordable dress watch or black quartz GADA, please leave me a comment!

Thanks for sharing, I like to hear people鈥檚 stories. And you are correct about the Japanese, would an actual model name kill them?

The vintage dress watch is very charming 馃挅

The boldr is really cool 馃ぉ, but the collection is remarkable, congrats 馃憦

Very cool thanks for sharing!

Nice collection mate!


The boldr is really cool 馃ぉ, but the collection is remarkable, congrats 馃憦

Between that and the Tissot for my favourite watch, both are a joy to wear, the Tissot just goes with more outfits though, white goes with almost anything but green can be a pain, even if I love it 馃槄


The vintage dress watch is very charming 馃挅

Was a lucky eBay find from a Ukrainian seller who even serviced it for me before sending, 拢25 including postage, bit small to wear day to day though, and no lume

Since you started with a Sekonda, you could always upgrade by going to their now big sister brand Accurist with the 7335. It'll fulfil your vintage and GADA itch for a dress watch, and if you hit Amazon at the right time, it should come in at just over 拢40.


I like the gold-plated green-dialled version above, but there's a black and stainless steel version too which I think is what you are looking for.