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Thoughts on Alba ??

What are your thoughts on alba as a brand and their automatics and quartz movement watches, I am planning to buy this orange dial watch for $75 dollar...

What's everyone's views on Pagani Design?

I recently picked up their datejust homage and I have to say. Wow the quality for the money is outstanding and it puts Seikos and citizens costing 3x...

Under $80 field watches

I am planning to buy a budget everyday beater field watch and these two are the options- TIMEX EXPEDITION 3 - GLASS- MINERAL GLASS WATER RESISTANT- 10...

BODERRY: Great field budget titanium watch

I really enjoy this field watch. This is my first titanium watch and also my first salmon dial. It's enjoyable to put it on diferent straps to give a...

NWA! Fly, Eagles, Fly! ...or, my first green watch!

This was a spur of the moment unplanned purchase from the AliExpress 11.11 sale (incidentally, I was on it to buy a bracelet for another new watch pur...

A beautiful dial by Addiesdive AD2030

The dial is stunning on this + - $60 dollar watch. The watch features a sand like dune texture that changes shadows as the light hits it. It has 36mm...

Spend my money!!

I have two watches in my cart: San Martin GMT ($300), and Wise Hitman Diver Full Lume($400), Is San Martin a legit watch brand? Or just a homage manuf...

The watch you are Dreaming about NOW ๐Ÿ˜

Wether it's aspirational, inspirational, budget or just out of the box fantasy. Let's see what's keeping you up at night the one you are reading too m...

Do they justify the cost.

I'm not only new to this hobby, but I'm also far from the ability to experience the big names. This YouTuber raised some questions and made some valid...

What is the absolute least you could settle for?

If push came to shove.. If every penny counted and you had to put your money AND watches to use to stay afloat. But you could afford to keep/buy one a...