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About Vintage

Hi, has anyone had any experience with About Vintage watches. They have a Nomos / Glashutte look about them. Would love to hear from anyone who owns o...

Seiko Chronograph 1991

This is the first watch I ever purchased, I bought it to celebrate the birth of my daughter Emma in 1991. For obvious reasons it remains one of my fav...

Beater purchase

I recently purchased what I thought would be a beater but I'm surprised how nice this Glycine (quartz) Airpilot GMT is. At AU$ 230.00 I think I snagge...

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commented on Check out this modern vintage feel dive watch that I got this week.

Very nice, I also like Henry Archer watches. Another Danish watch company.

commented on ellehyde's WRUW

Definitely the green, I also like the C60 Trident Pro 300 with the orange silicon strap.

commented on ellehyde's WRUW

Already decided this will be my next watch.

commented on a post

YouTube channel "watches you can afford" did a video 6 months ago on affordable field watches. Or you can google "watches you can afford field watches"... worth a look.

commented on a post

I'm buying this for my next birthday, I like the day date because it's a little different from the average field watch.

commented on a post

Monaco please, the perfect combination of form and function.

commented on a post

Max Gawn would be proud.