Last Minute Cold Feet? Does Selling/Trading Get Any Easier?

Title says it all . . . you can be making a sound decision, the logic is there, you know that you want to winnow down or acquire something else . . . all the other good reasons to let go of a watch that has served you well . . . and yet, you're in that mode of taking photos of that watch, listing, telling potential buyers that she'll treat you right haha.

And yet, you feel like you're leaving one of your own out by themselves in the wilderness. This is the first watch I'm selling . . . but I'll prob trade another later in the year. As my collection grows and the longer I buy watches this will likely be somewhat inevitable, but I'm also not the sort of collector that wants to be regularly trading/swapping/selling (90% what I buy is staying with me for life).

Farewell . . .

I have a feeling that an Alpinist will come back to me in the future . . . but right now this feels right. Still working on the listing. But if you're in the market for an Alpinist, I guess message me and I can send you the link.


When I cut down my vintage collection, I got rid of some of my best and most desirable models first. I knew if I held on to the best ones because of xxx excuse, I鈥檇 have an excuse to keep all of them. Once the hardest to part with models were gone, letting lots of others go was fairly easy.

Never sell anything. You'll never get back what you paid for it and you'll spend more to get another one. Most collectors keep their watches as "rebuy insurance" even if they never intend to wear them again at that moment. You will miss this watch.

Wow the Alpinist is highly sought after. You must have a hell of a collection to part with this one.

Tough decision indeed. Especially a limited edition, imo I would only consider selling if it allows me to upgrade to another grail watch. Else this is something that I will keep in my collection.

Funny you mention, I'm actually 90% buying/selling. I love the hunt, negotiation, and meeting people that have similar taste in watches. I also never really had the means to buy without consideration of resale value if I ever got into a financial situation鈥搖ntil recently. Now I find myself reevaluating what my permanent collection parameters are.

Plus the thought that I'm passing a watch to someone else who might get more joy out of it than me is a nice one.

Good luck with your first sale and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the process!